Sculptie Race Car

I modeling this car for use as a sculpties on Second life, so the topology is not optimiced  :(

But I think it can get a good Second life and blender renders.


Blender Render

(click on the images for see in full resolution)

Second Life Render

(click on the images for see in full resolution)


OpenSim/Second life can make rendenrs in real time , of course can’t make realistic renders like  Cycles  Render or other software like Vray but can produce nice pictures ;)

On this Images I fake the reflection of the car by  use another car mirrored down the first one and I set some transparency on the floor

Sculptie Kitchen

This kitchen is made for second life, with sculpties , the scene is not optimized for rendering or an animation (many polygons than they should have ), but I did some render

I use a blender internal render and the time for each render is about 7 minutes loong I know.. but if I want this as a sculpties for second life I can’t reduce the poligons.

Click on the images for see in full resolution.

 And some pictures form the virtual world: