Hi, I’m Lluís Garcia, CG generalist, musician and code lover

Since I was little I’ve been interested in the CG world, working on some personal projects with standard software (3Ds Max, Maya, C4D)

Around 2007 I started to use Blender as it was a very interesting alternative which could create things without spending a single Euro. It was very exciting to know the community that surround Blender and discover all I could do with this software and some other open source code.

At the same time, I began to know and understand Second Life as a way to expose my creations. I was very attracted to the idea of creating a 3 dimensional environment where other people could interact, so dedicated many years almost exclusively to create assets and scripts for Second Life or platforms based on Opensim under the alias Lluis Indigo on AVI (Advanced Virtual Interactions). It was a challenging because this platform limited every mesh to 1024 vertex at the time I was creating for that platform

From 2013 I put on hold creating 3D objects and systems for Second life and focused on creating game assets for use in other engines like UE4 or Unity and other virtual worlds

Apart of my love for CG I really love create music. Since 2017 I’ve been producing & recording my music. I also perform it live on Second life Virtual World or other online channels.