MagicRezzer Tutorial

Back in 2007, I released the MagicRezzer, an innovative system for building my complex sculpties (more than 1 prim)much easier and in less time requiring less experience in managing prims, with this system just need to know how to use any image editing program (we like the GIMP o el Photosop) for create the textures for the parts

The great advantage of this system is that you get a copy of our product is completely FULL PERM, copyable, modifiable and transferable and you appears as the creator of the object with a few simple steps.

On this video tutorial will try to explain to you how to use our  MagicRezzer:

To use the MagicRezzer  follow these steps:

  1. Drag the MagicRezzer from the inventory to the ground (rez).
  2. Remove the object called “MagicPrim” is in the content of MagicRezzer. If you not have any MagicPrim, don’t worry no panic, you don’t need remove any item so follow the next steep.
  3. Create a new prim and call it “MagicPrim” (MagicPrim = correct / magicprim= incorrect). The name is very important because is case sensitive
  4. Add the script “MagicPrim script “in the content of the object MagicPrim
  5. Take MagicPrim and add into the content of MagicRezzer
  6. Touch MagicRezzer.

I have several different versions of magicRezzer, you may see a pop-up after touching the MagicRezzer, then the pop-up will tell you what are the options to rez … (usually this version is included in packs with various textures)

Once constructed the object you want to wait for the MagicRezzer report on local chat that the process is finished.

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