New horizons…

Hello, I have good and bad news, guys.

From mid-August (when LL opted to change their TOS), every time I upload a new creation, I felt robbed.

In the new Terms of Use (mid August 2013) LL includes a clause by which, users, cede all rights to anything uploaded to their servers . This is unacceptable to me. (ways to make the change I also find it unacceptable, can be read as they did in the forums, blogs etc …)

This was, for me, the straw that broke the camel…

So after much searching and thinking about the future, I made ​​the decision not to create more content for Second Life, of course not for virtual worlds that have a terms of service where say they will have all rights over my creations.

I also closed my all in-world stores, however, will remain open SL-Marketplace store, but without any new content update.

From now on, I decided to sell 3d models of some of my current creations in Second Life, and new to come, so they can be used in many other ways: upload it to other virtual worlds based on OpenSim (as inworld’z, Avination etc …) Create unique additions to the pieces you already have in Second Life, using models for a game or simply as assets to create an image …

This change means that not all my new models will be ready for OpenSim ( each OpenSim server can have different characteristics with respect to the mesh), but will be able to suit your needs, and you can load the model in any 3D application. I plan to create a tutorial for blender too ;)

For now, you can purchase my  models in cgtrader. (I put the most requested first, “The Pumps“, because I know some of you want to transfer to other worlds together with your outfits, but I will update with more models and my new creations)

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me ;)


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