Cycles shaders experiments

I’ve been practicing a bit with Cycles nodes to create procedural materials in Blender (CarPaint, Brushed Metal, Stucco and Old Copper). It was fun!

Thanks to Kent Trammell(CGCookie Educator) and Eduardo Maldonado (Blender enthusiast)      I was able to understand a little more the Cycles nodes to create procedural materials.

The first 2 materials (car paint and brushed metal) are thanks to Kent Trammell classes, I made a group and changed the inputs in both materials  to make it easier to set  in the scenes. Also in the metal material, I added the corresponding displacement of the metal brushing.

(click on images to enlarge)

CarPaint carpaint
Metal_Brushed Brushed metal

The Stucco material  is thanks to a blog post by Eduardo Maldonado, is good for distant pictures, he has a better one for close shots. In this case I only organized the nodes so that it was easier settings in scenes.

Stucco stucco

Old Copper

After some practice with procedural textures in cycles I created the copper material, from startr to finish, applying the knowledge acquired thanks to Kent Trammell classes and Eduardo Maldonado blog. In this material, I have put a lot of controls to configure various values ??of roughness, reflection and color correctly. This material can be used for new or old copper just changing some parameters in the material.

I am very happy with this shader because with small adjustments like color may be used for other metals, eg brass

BTW: I miss some kind of separator for inputs in groups to keep everything organized



old copper

You can download this last material ;)

(You can use it commercially in your models.You can not sell it as is, with minor modifications or included in repacks etc..)