Cycles shaders experiments

I’ve been practicing a bit with Cycles nodes to create procedural materials in Blender (CarPaint, Brushed Metal, Stucco and Old Copper). It was fun!

Thanks to Kent Trammell(CGCookie Educator) and Eduardo Maldonado (Blender enthusiast)      I was able to understand a little more the Cycles nodes to create procedural materials.

The first 2 materials (car paint and brushed metal) are thanks to Kent Trammell classes, I made a group and changed the inputs in both materials  to make it easier to set  in the scenes. Also in the metal material, I added the corresponding displacement of the metal brushing.

(click on images to enlarge)

CarPaint carpaint
Metal_Brushed Brushed metal

The Stucco material  is thanks to a blog post by Eduardo Maldonado, is good for distant pictures, he has a better one for close shots. In this case I only organized the nodes so that it was easier settings in scenes.

Stucco stucco

Porche GT-911

This is a project that started in early 2010, when there was no “Cycles” to make renders with blender. The intention was to learn to can deal with the new interface of Blender 2.5

Once I modeled the car and a little tuning, I did some renders with internal render, but deserved much worth and leave aside for a while.

When Blender cycles appeared I decided to experiment. I added the brand “Departamento de Internet“, the business of my brother (web pages) to color the car and have some textures on it and here are some images that came out:

(click on the images for see in full resolution)

Then I thought, well, if I find some backplate  with corresponding HDRI could get some other interesting images. And luckily I found some with quality. The first image is created with a set of (has a couple of free sets) and the second with one of, the latter has some more with a lot of large background images,for each HDRI.

In the first image also I use this model of Lamborgini Gallardo chairs, created by DanielKreuter, for rendering.


(click on the images for see in full resolution)

And Well, For this last image, I used blender internal for motion blur. To create this effect, I needed to move the car, so I decided to try to create a Car Rig. Fortunately Blender community always makes things easier. And looking on the internet I found a specific addon for this task, Car rig. This is a lot like rigify addon (included in blender), but for cars  So I use it and I made some small modifications, for me it would be easier to animate.

On The next video , you can see the Rig in action , and how to reuse it in other cars ( sorry my english )

I post this in  BlendSwap to help with my two cents to the blender community So you can download it and do whatever you want with it (No commercial,remember is a fan art).  No have textures etc.. just the car , the Rig, and and some other stuff for create the next picture:

(click on the images for see in full resolution)



Blender – Voodoo Composition

A year or two ago I made this scene to learn camera traking  with Voodoo and integrate data from the camera and objects in Blender. If I not remember wrong the render for this scene was about 7 or 8 hours in blender internal, I just remember hit F12 and go to sleep

The camera traking can be improved and the lighting etc. .. but for a first contact I think I got an acceptable result .. without the problem with a fence at the end of the video :)

I abandon this project due to time and later to know the existence of the development of the tomato branch so I decided to wait for the camera traking was available in the official version of blender.
Currently traking camera is already built into blender … but I’d rather wait to do this kind of scenes when the development of render layers  in cycles render is a little more developed.

Here you can see the finish result:

Also I publish my Ovni(UFO) used on this scene on Blend swap , if you like my OVNI-GT just download and use it !


Forest Scene

This is my result on week 4 on the Nature accademy course

Trunk , ivi, fern and plants are 3d models, the background is an image and  some work on the compositor.

Rendered in Blender internal , about 7 minutes at full resolution, so maybe some day if I have or know a well renderfam and how use it I made an animation

I hope you like it !

(click on the image for see in full resolution)