Blender – Voodoo Composition

A year or two ago I made this scene to learn camera traking  with Voodoo and integrate data from the camera and objects in Blender. If I not remember wrong the render for this scene was about 7 or 8 hours in blender internal, I just remember hit F12 and go to sleep

The camera traking can be improved and the lighting etc. .. but for a first contact I think I got an acceptable result .. without the problem with a fence at the end of the video :)

I abandon this project due to time and later to know the existence of the development of the tomato branch so I decided to wait for the camera traking was available in the official version of blender.
Currently traking camera is already built into blender … but I’d rather wait to do this kind of scenes when the development of render layers  in cycles render is a little more developed.

Here you can see the finish result:

Also I publish my Ovni(UFO) used on this scene on Blend swap , if you like my OVNI-GT just download and use it !