Shoes 11(wedges)

A few months ago I published this shoe for Second life, now I open the door to other uses publishing their 3d models along with everything you need to texture or add materials.

The shoes of this “mini” collection is characterized by the central strip inserted in the portion of the wedge.This center stripe gives a modern twist, while maintaining elegance. The central strip not really have any functional purpose, or at least I have not yet found ;)

This package includes 3 versions of the shoe, but you can find also each separately. (also in second life)

The shoe has many polygons perhaps for use in video games where the shoe is not much to see, is designed to OpenSim, where normally, users, close the camera considerably to appreciate the details

The shoes are built with different separate pieces, not a single mesh, so that it is easier to recognize and modify parts. The wedge is the same in all the shoes and then the rest of the shoe is another instance (in the case of version 3 are 2 pieces).

The 3D models (right shoe and left shoe) are included in the most used formats. Blend, obj, fbx and collada  (Designed to opsnsim)

In blender files are included materials, ready to render in Cycles. If you want to use FBX, obj or collada, you should apply textures and materials to adjust values ​​of the specular etc. .. according to your software for treatment of 3D objects.

The collada files are ready to upload to opensim, and together with the collada files are included all the textures needed (difuse, normal, and specular) to use materials in case your OpenSim support materials

If you look for a Second Life versions , you can find it here)


  • Polygons: → Shoe 11-1 = 9836, → Shoe 11-2 = 1086, → Shoe 11-3 = 13896
  • Vertices: → Shoe 11-1 = 5181, → Shoe 11-2 = 5360, → Shoe 11-3 = 7214
  • Subdivision ready
  • Separated Pieces
  • OBJ & FBX Files
  • UV Maped
  • Blender Files with materials ready to render in cycles
  • Collada(dae) files, for OpenSim Version with 1024×1024 textures for use Materials
  • PSD for all pieces for easy change colors (1024×1204)
  • Some Materials Textures ( for create materials in cycles or other engines)
  • Additional textures (Ambient Oclcusion, utils, uvmaps, normal maps,specular maps

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