Blender – Porche GT-911

This is a project that started in early 2010, when there was no “Cycles” to make renders with blender. The intention was to learn to deal with the new Blender 2.5 interface

Once I modeled the car and a little tuning, I did some renders with internal render, but deserved much worth and leave aside for a while.

When Blender cycles appeared I decided to experiment…I added the brand “Departamento de Internet“, the business of my brother (web pages).

Then I thought, well, if I find some back plate with corresponding HDRI could get some other interesting images. And luckily I found some with quality for free. The first image is created with a set of (has a couple of free sets) and the second with one of, the latter has some more with a lot of large background images, for each HDRI.

And Well, For this last image, I used blender internal for motion blur. To create this effect, I needed to move the car, so I decided to try to create a Car Rig. Fortunately Blender community always makes things easier. And looking on the internet I found a specific addon for this task, Car rig. This is a lot like rigify addon (included in blender), but for cars So I use it and I made some small modifications

On The next video , you can see the Rig in action , and how to reuse it in other cars ( sorry my English )

I post this in BlendSwap to help with my two cents to the blender community So you can download it and do whatever you want with it (No commercial,remember is a fan art). No textures etc.. just the car , the Rig, and and some other stuff for create the next picture:

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