Rocks Animation

I made this animation during the second week of the Nature academy course. The course shows how to create a rocks scene and render it with blender internal but I wanted to try in cycles ;)

The next image is the scene with Blender internal (Render time = 3:25 seconds), is not bad but can be muuch better I know ;)

(click on the image for see in full resoltion)

To render in cycles and create the aniamtion I had to make some adjustments in the composition and materials but ultimately the scene is nothing more than a handful of rocks with an image on a plane for the background.

Render time for this animation take about 5 hours in GPU mode with GTX 460 and dual cuad core on windows 7 (150 passes ).

(Sound effect by dobroide at

This first picture is the scene with the background and ligths  from the firts test in blender internal but rendered with cycles. This picture take about 1:23 seconds for the render

(click on the image for see in full resolution)

The next pictures  come from the footage of my animation and for this renders  I change the background and the ligths. Every frame take between 1:13 and 1:35 seconds.

(click on the images for see in full resolution)