WIP: Relaxing Room (UE4)

Finally I could get my hands on Unreal Engine 4 to start a project and not just to test it around here and there. The first thing I have to say is that I’ve fallen in love Unreal Engine 4, especially their blueprints, they are a nice!

When I started to move the scene, from Blender to Unreal Engine 4, I ran into some problems in the workflow, but fortunately, I wrote an addon to facilitate the work. If you want you can download it here.

Once I had made the structure of the room, with its materials and basic lighting. I started to create a blueprint for opening doors … and in the end the blueprint end up in a “Doors Creator”

BTW, I also learned something important about the lightmaps, the recommended space between the UV islands is 3-4 pixels.

I also wanted an intro, so I started to play with Matinee and post process effects. This is the provisional animation for the intro, made with matinee:


Although I need to put more objects, decals, particles etc… in the scene and make some finishing touches, I hope you enjoyed


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